2019-2020 Wrap up

So here we are Buchholz Players, we have finally reached the end of 2019-2020; the year that was not. It really was not the ending any of us expected but we have wrapped our performances and classes with our usual high level of Performance, Design and Construction achievements. I know this ending has been rough on you all especially the Seniors and I wish we could have given you a better sendoff than a drive through congratulations but I hope that our end of the year virtual awards can help a little. Believe it or not, some of the best work I have seen has come across my desk on my computer in the past few weeks. I received some excellent original playscripts, some truly creative set designs and some superb performances done virtually.

I would like to take a moment to look back at the successes of this past school year. First, we have seen some truly dedicated and talented Freshmen and Sophomores join the program this year and together they have done some great work. Our Juniors and Seniors and our Thespian Officers have provided a strong leadership base and have welcomed our new players with open arms. Theater is one of those areas in high school activity where age and class level matter less than student’s ability to connect and work together. This has been one of the smoothest least contentious years I have experienced in my twenty years as a Theater Teacher. We truly found that family element that is the key to a successful theater group. Both young and old performers alike contributed to one of our best competition years bringing home numerous Superiors and Excellents from our District Festival. Our three plays all enjoyed a high level of success at the Florida Theater Conference, our District Festival, the Hippodrome Blackbox and in our own theater with a strong audience for every show.  One of the best things for me was seeing our younger players and our more experienced players working side by side and investing their heart and souls in their work. Literally every show this year received a standing ovation at every performance and there is no doubt that our students deserved every one of those ovations.

Finally, we look ahead to next year having little idea what lies in store for us or what our school is going to look like but I know that with the high level of creativity, drive, talent and determination of the Buchholz Theater kids we will still have a strong and successful year. 

Ted Lewis

BANQUET LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9Avntr3tvQ&t=1835s